Trailers and containers available in multiple sizes!
Add flexibility to your current loading dock space.
Storage containers are steel and the doors can be padlocked.
Delivery when you want it, where you want it.
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Prime Warehouse - Your On-Site Container Storage Solutions!

New Hampshire's provider of storage containers and storage trailers.

Prime Warehouse is your flexible storage solution. When you want it and Where you want it. We understand that a quick response to trailer delivery and retrieval is pivotal to your operation. We want to work with you to provide your storage needs. Our containers are clean, weather tight, and lockable. Deliveries and pickups are done at your convience. We also offer flexible leasing terms plus an asortment of trailer and container sizes. We have the right storage solution that will fit your needs!


Increase your Storage Capacity:

Our storage containers and trailers are great if you just need that "extra" space. Please see our service page for sizes, square footage, and dimensions. Ask about our newest edition: the 28 foot storage trailer.

45' High Cubes!

That's right while most container storage companies are not able to offer these gems - Prime Warehouse has them available for you.

On-Site Storage

On of the great benefits of on-site storage is that you can keep your materials close to your operation. This will prove to be an efficient solution for your company or operation.


Storage containers are built with 14 guage steel. The doors on thes units overlap one another, they also have the ability to be secured with YOUR two padlocks. Empty containers weigh in at over 5,000 pounds, which is a rather heavy theft deterrent. Our storage containers keep your materials SECURE...

Weather Tight

The construction of our storage containers keep the elements out. The roof and floor of the container is constructed with a rolled edge preventing water from seeping or splashing into the sidewalls. The container doors are constructed with a thick rubber gasket, sealing the contents from snow, wind, and rain. These unit can stand up to the harshest of New England's winters.

Flexible Leasing Terms

Containers and storage trailers can be leased for one month duration or on a long term basis - again Prime Warehouse is flexible to suit your needs.

Container and Trailer Sales

Prime Warehouse also sells containers and trailers, please check out our inventory on this site to see what's available and current pricing.

Other Logistic Services Available

Truely one call can provide all of your logistic services

Prime Warehouse is part of a larger family of Logistic Entities, for more information see below.